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origin of the hauenstein hotels


In November 2020, Peter Hauenstein handed over the operational management of the entire Hauenstein Group (the Hauenstein Hotels are part of the Hauenstein Group) to his twin daughters Andrea and Nathalie Hauenstein and long-time employee and managing director of Hauenstein Immobilien AG Daniel Eschmann. The group of companies continues to be 100% family-owned. Peter Hauenstein will continue to contribute as project manager and consultant with a workload of 50% until 2022 and ensure the transfer of knowledge.


The multi-million renovation of the Belvédère Strandhotel began in September 2019. A terraced extension was added in two stages, the seminar wing was renovated, and 24 modern hotel rooms were created. The costs ran into the low double-digit millions.


Nathalie Hauenstein joined the company as Vice Director and later General Manager of Hauenstein Hotels. The collaboration within the hotel group is to be built up and strengthened. The main goals are the optimal use of synergies and a joint securing of the further development of the Hauenstein Group's hotel and restaurant offerings.


The Deltapark Vitalresort in Gwatt was completed and officially opened 8 years after acquisition of the land. The investment sum is in the upper two-digit million range.


In 2008, Peter Hauenstein acquired the Gwatt Centre with 86,000 m² of land on Lake Thun and developed it into today's Deltapark Vitalresort with lakeside villas and lagoon.


Walter Hauenstein died in 2005, and after his death his sons Urs and Peter Hauenstein continued to run the businesses. Urs Hauenstein took over the Hotel Krone, later he bought the Hotel Restaurant Schützen in Steffisburg. The connection of these businesses to today's Hauenstein Hotels is still given through the purchasing organisation. The Belvédère Strandhotel, the Solbadhotel, the Schönberg Clinic and the Grizzly Bear Adventure Land remained with Peter Hauenstein and Hauenstein Invest AG.


In 2001, W. Hauenstein Immobilien AG acquired the entire Hohmad Park site.

The old farmhouse in the heart of the site was completely renovated and converted into a restaurant by Hauenstein Immobilien AG (formerly WHI AG). Many parts of the original building from 1810 were preserved, creating a wonderful mix of modernity and tradition: today's Restaurant Burehuus.


In 1998, W. Hauenstein Immobilien AG acquired the Solbadhotel in Sigrisiwil, which has been successfully managed by the Wicki family since 2000.


In 1997, W. Hauenstein Immobilien AG took over the Belvédère Strandhotel, which was no longer needed by the Swiss Master Butcher's Association after the construction of their own training facilities. The necessary investments were made and the hotel was reopened in 1998. Mr. Walter Hauenstein hires external directors to run his business - who are always able to count on his goodwill and support when investments are required.


The Grizzlybär country inn, steeped in history, was taken over by W. Hauenstein Immobilien AG from the Berner Kantonal Bank after several bankruptcies. The history of the country inn dates back to 1899. You can find out more about the history of the current Grizzly Bear Adventure Land here.


In 1968, Walter Hauenstein acquired the Hotel Krone in Thun - marking the beginning of today's Hauenstein Hotel group. The official Hauenstein Hotel brand was first created in 1998.

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