Hauenstein Group

Hauenstein Hotels is one of three divisions of the Hauenstein Group

The majority of the Hauenstein Group's activities are in the areas of real estate, hotels & gastronomy, healthcare and coaching. In this way, cross-divisional synergies can be optimally utilised, the entrepreneurial risk can be distributed across several sectors and thus the existence of the individual businesses can be secured. In addition, we can create more attractive employment conditions and further development opportunities for employees.

In a nutshell

4 Industries

8 Locations

100% family-run business

over 600 employees

Hauenstein Invest

Hauenstein Invest AG is the parent company of the Hauenstein Group. It does not carry out any operational business activities as such, but provides the financial link for the whole group structure.

Real Estate

Hauenstein Immobilien AG is one of the leading companies in the Lake Thun region for the construction of residential property and is known for offering an excellent price/performance ratio. Hauenstein Immobilien AG also functions as the Group's Management Office.

Hotels & Restaurants

The Hauenstein Group owns 3 hotels and 8 restaurants around Lake Thun which are collectively organised under the Hauenstein Hotels brand. From a country inn to a 4-Star Superior hotel - there is something for everyone on Lake Thun.


The Hauenstein Group runs a rehabilitation clinic with outpatient physiotherapy and fitness club, as well as "Deltapark Vital" whose programme offers courses in prevention, company health management, and its own fitness club on Lake Thun.


We support and accompany leaders, teams and companies in learning, change and development processes.
The core of our work lies in increasing resilience and ensuring sustainable success for employees and the entire company. Our work is process-oriented and includes coaching, consulting and training elements.

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