Our philosophy

Competence - Passion - Trust

The group of companies is a 100% family-run business. The corporate culture and philosophy was strongly influenced by the first and second generations of the Hauenstein family and has been further developed by the third generation. Our core values of competence, passion and trust have been the basic values in everything we do for over 70 years.

Competence, passion, and trust

Everything we tackle, we do with the highest level of competence. We strive for the optimum quality. Everything we do, we do with passion; which should inspire us. We trust each other - our employees, our business partners and ourselves.

In this way, we create a positive climate characterised by inspiration, creativity, and consistency. The long-term success of the Hauenstein Group and the individual entities - including the Hauenstein Hotels - comes before short-term success. We build on strong collaborations.

Commitment to the region since 1968

The Hauenstein family was and still is committed to the Lake Thun region. The goal is, and always has been, to actively help shape the Lake Thun region and make it an attractive place to live, work, and spend time in.

Hauenstein Hotels provide a variety of jobs in the Bernese Oberland - offering attractive opportunities to spend holidays in the region and be pampered with culinary delights.

We create experiences

Our goal is to create experiences in all of the Hauenstein Hotels. We want to surprise and inspire our guests over and over again.

Employees are the driving force behind every company

Our employees are an important source of our success. We place high demands on our employees and ourselves. Talented and motivated employees are promoted and long-term career planning within the Hauenstein Gruppe is strived for.

Our employees identify with the company, and the company identifies with our employees. Our corporate culture promotes development, a willingness to learn and perform, trusting and inspiring collaborations, and the well-being of our employees.

We strive for long-term partnerships

Successful partnerships have always been an important cornerstone of the entire Hauenstein Group. We carefully select our business partners based on fair and transparent criteria.

We strive for long-term partnerships that are characterized by trust and mutual support. Long-term partnerships take precedence over short-term profit. We treat our competitors fairly and work cooperatively.

We take our obligations seriously

Even before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, an excellent standard of cleanliness was a priority in all our facilities. Investments to ensure high levels of hygeine are made on an ongoing basis. The health and safety of our guests and employees is important to us and is constantly guaranteed.

We "live & breathe" hospitality

The hosts and employees of our hotels and restaurants strive to ensure complete guest satisfaction every day. All hosts are hoteliers or restaurateurs through and through and have hospitality in their blood.

We employ hosts who feel joy and create joy. Our hosts win hearts. All houses are known for their warm hospitality. Be our guest - we look forward to seeing you!

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